Why ghendar?

Stopping to eat so I have a moment to post a quick rewrite of an email I sent several months ago to someone who had once asked me about my use of the name Ghendar. Good thing I queued this one up in my draft files last night too, because I’ve already received an odd look from someone who wasn’t previously aware of my use of the name Ghendar.

Some people who pronounce Ghendar in their mind correctly (Gen-dar, with a hard “G” as in “good”) get it based on its sound. It’s supposed to evoke a sense of similarity to Gandalf of J.R Tolkien’s LoTR fame without being too obvious. If you didn’t get it, don’t be too concerned, your in with some very good company; it’s more than a little vague and admittedly overly subtle. Oh well.

Ghendar is a made up name of my own creation that I’ve used over many years in my gaming, especially when the character in question was a wizard or mage. (for games that only offered elemental based female magicry, I tend to use Gaia in a more obvious nod)

Unfortunately, there are one or more people out there who been encroaching on my turf and stole ghendar@gmail.com on me, as well as ghendar@yahoo.com, before I could get them. No problem, I’m exacting my revenge via karma by posting their email addresses here and with any luck the spam bots will pick it up and bury them 😉

I’m pretty inventive when it comes to naming, but Ghendar has always been my tried and true goto. The great thing about using it fairly regularly is that I get to have a semblance of consistency, but I still maintain a small level of anonimity of my activities on the Internet.

I’m not exactly hiding, after all, many people know that I use it, but if you’re someone who I’ve just met, googling me using my real name isn’t going to get you much if anything on me. (Though you will find out a lot about a bunch of people who also have my name) This is a good thing, especially now that it’s becoming common practice for HR departments to cull candidates based on their social network pages (e.g. The likes of Facebook)

So that’s the brief explanation of the origin and purpose of the name ghendar for you.


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  1. Are you getting D3 when it comes out? We should play … if only they would take out the rainbows.

  2. There’s a pretty good chance, but it will depend on how much free time I’ll have when it comes out and whether or not they get too draconian with the DRM like some recently released games.

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