Do You Know Your 50 States?

I was looking at a map of OH and it struck me; I completely forgot that Indiana is in my way! (Like I need another reason to hate the Colts!)

Looks like I’ll be digging deep into my reserves on this leg of the trip tonight. My rough guesstimate is Peoria by around midnight, but it will require a superhuman effort.


~ by ghendar on December 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Do You Know Your 50 States?”

  1. Don’t push too hard you are supposed to be enjoying the journey!

  2. Looks like The Rough Guide has your B, your C, and your IN-between. I think the states get harder to miss as you go further west, though. Flakey’s right, it’s the last hours that are most important, so put some z’s in the bank early. Catch you next trip.

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