Lazy Or Genius?!

Just after we crossed over from Illinois to Missouri we had to stop for gas and the MO Visitor Information Center just so happened to be off the same exit. So after fueling up, I figured I’d swing in and grab a free map. While there, I decided to use the restroom and, business done, was introduced to the “Hand Washing Station”.

The idea behind the HWS is that it’s fully automated; you stick your hands into a tiny cubby hole in the wall, out comes a little soapy water (and I do mean a little), out comes a little rinse (and I do mean a little), and finally out comes some hot air to blow dry your hands (and I do mean some).

I really didn’t know what to think of the HWS. At first, I wondered if I should be insulted that they think that I had such a low IQ and might screw up the steps by rinsing my hands, then drying them, then lathering up with soap. Then I wondered if I should feel like I was doing my part to save the planet by using the most minimal amount of resources possible.

In the end, I decided that what the HWS was really designed to do was to half wash the hands of the masses of people who only are willing to give half a thought to their own hygiene… I washed mine again.


~ by ghendar on January 3, 2009.