Getting Out Of Dodge

A belated post I finished on the road to Taos.

We’re checked out of the hotel and have resettled into the KJ for the long haul to Taos, NM.

Just need to fuel up and we’ll be on the road.

I picked up a 12v splitter yesterday so I can power both my phone charger and the GPS at the same time. Playing musical plugs was getting tiresome.

Hopefully we’ll pass by a decent coffee joint somewhere. That hotel swill is so bad I really don’t know why they even bother.


~ by ghendar on January 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi Ghendar & MysteryGirl,

    Looks like you are almost to Taos – hooray! Hope you can enjoy a few days of R&R, before heading to SoCo. MG – call if I can pick you up on the Ave. XXO, A2B&C

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