Taos Arrival

Well, we just pulled into Taos a little while ago under the cover of darkness, in the snow and over some fairly slippery mountain passes. I certainly never would have made it up and through those without the 4×4! Hooray for a little foresight!

I kept estimating our arrival time based on how far we had left to go and how fast we were going at the time and I kid you not, we had only an hour left for the last 4 hours. I swear we were in a time warp.

There was one point where the KJ really bogged down under our weight on the small strip of the only highway we travelled on. Most of the day had been spent on fairly flat backroads bordering Comanche territory; where the “towns” I had seen marked on the map literally consisted of only one abandoned (and mostly collapsed) building. Where the KJ had the trouble was when we were climbing up through the Raton pass on I-25. I think the elevation there at it’s peak is around 8500 feet. Thankfully we only dropped to about 45mph so we weren’t much a hazard, but I was sweating it for a minute or two there.

The Inn that we are staying at is pretty cool, I can certainly see why the Better 3/4ths likes it so much. At this very moment, I’m writing on my iPhone while enjoying a margarita in their lounge, enjoying some live music as I wait for a burrito smothered in salsa and chili to arrive… Woo, it’s here…

[meal pause]

…oh my, that was so freaking delicious… Where was I? Oh yeah… The Inn… so it’s snowing outside, but the rooms in this historic Inn from the 1800s have fireplaces. So now that I’ve finished my drink and food, I’m off to build a fire so I can relax in front of it after my 9 hour 20 minute drive.


[edit: I just checked the weather to see how long it’s supposed to keep snowing. It turns out that I was driving through the mountain passes while there was a “Winter Storm Advisory” in effect (until tomorrow). Well that’s just lovely. That’ll teach me to check the weather before heading out.]


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  1. shouldn’t have been an issue for a New England boy. Dammit you’ve been to Patriot games in worse weather.

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