Tuktak Oteio Tohama

One of the primary motivations for coming to Taos was so the Better 3/4ths could try to reconnect with a native american shaman she had met on a previous visit. No easy task considering that he doesn’t even own a phone. So imagine our delight when we managed to find him!

At 60+ years, he has quite the backstory… (Including wrestling with a bear!) His life has been so rich in story that he even wrote a book or three and from what I’ve been told there will be movie coming out about based on them with Clint Eastwood and a few other well known actors after Tommy Lee Jones bought the screen rights to his story.

Tuk has an amazing presence and he’s also quite the character. So much so that even though he says that at some time in the near future he’ll be returning to his native land near Fort Peck in Montana; I think that many of the people who stopped to shake his hand while we were with him might rise up to stop him if he tries.

It seems like almost every town has a person who is their own local jewel and while I haven’t met everyone here, I’m pretty sure that Tuk would be a contender for Taos.


~ by ghendar on January 6, 2009.

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  1. I just had the pleasure of joining Tuk in a sweat lodge over the weekend. He truly is amazing. I always feel honored by his presence and feel fortunate to know him.

    • Wherever Tuk goes, his sweat lodge is not far behind him.

      Yes, he truly is amazing and I was so glad to have met him on my journey.

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