Charging What Needs To Be Charged

I’m charging what needs to be charged for my long day up the coast tomorrow; not just the camera batteries, but myself as well. So I’ve, *gasp*, checked into a hotel for the night and unless I get extremely hungry in the next 30 seconds after I post this, I think I’m just passing out!

I won’t bother to give them free advertising by mentioning their name, but this dive gives me a whole new appreciation of how The Better 3/4ths consistently pulls off acquiring such great accommodations. In fact, her worst one is three times as good as this place and I’m pretty sure it was cheaper too.

As far as my plans for tomorrow go… I’m aiming for a pre-dawn or at worst near dawn checkout so I can get out of dodg^H^H^H^H Buelton and maximize the daylight.

I still have to escape 101, as right now 101 and CA-1 are one and the same. And no one stops on 101 unless they’re insanely curious about what the last few moments of a bug hitting a windshield are like. (Up north, some of the drivers go fast, but they are generally polite, but here down south they go even faster and aren’t polite at all.)

The map shows that they will split apart, but will keep bumping into each other and merging every couple of miles for several stretches, and then eventually 101 heads a bit inland.

I’m so excited I wonder if I’ll be ableto  get to slee.. zzzzzzZZzzZZzzZZZZZzzzzzZZzz

[edit: I was just about to update this post  by mentioning that although I said this room is a dive, it is generally clean and that it’s things like there being a hand soap dispenser in the shower for shampoo that made me make that statement; but just as I began to actually update the pos,t I noticed a hair in the bed that definately isn’t mine, so I’m standing by my “this place is a dive” statement. Thankfully, I was too tired last night to bother getting under the covers and the only reason i noticed it is because I pulled some pillows together to prop myself up to work on the computer.]


~ by ghendar on January 12, 2009.