Resting In Kingman

So here’s the latest status report. Not that anyone is still awake to read it right off.

I pushed beyond Flagstaff and am now sitting in a full service, 24 hour truck stop in Kingman, AZ. They have a whole store dedicated to on the road needs, a restaurant and even showers (gotta love that! Though I haven’t checked the pricing for it or whether or not it includes the luxuries of soap and a towel or if I’d have to buy those separately in the store at inflated prices).

Kingman is a stone throw from The CA border (almost literally since it’s still in the Rockies so the elevation would give it more distance ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

By reaching Kingman I have roughly halved the distance from Albuquerque to the coast. And by getting on the road first thing in the morning tomorrow instead of early afternoon like I did today, I should be seeing the ocean while there’s still some slivers of daylight left. So I can really get some serious coastal photography in.

Of course, I could continue to push on, but I’d be leaving this oasis in the desert for who knows what down the road. (Probably another “cruising” spot like the rest stop just outside of Flagstaff that I peeled rubber out of.) So I’ll just camp in the KJ for a few hours here.

Oddly enough, it’s quite comfy and since I have almost 2 gallons of water handy, I can hydrate late at night if needed ๐Ÿ˜‰


~ by ghendar on January 12, 2009.