An Odd Feeling

When I woke up today it occurred to me that for the first time, I’m not actually scheduled to return to Boston. Not even in the loose, open ended way that I often did on many of my trips out here. And it felt odd.

Of course, there’s still so much that needs to be done that I don’t have the luxury of reflecting too much quite yet, so it still hasn’t really sunk in. But I think I’m also still clinging a bit to the “bi-coastal” mindset, that I’ve worn for the past few years, out of habit.

Perhaps the fact that I feel like I’m still supposed to still be on the road (I thought the coast would take 2-3 days, not 1 and I hope to have more on that later for you.) is lending itself to my feeling that although I’ve arrived, I’m still not really here.

Maybe this feeling of being a ghostly presence will fade like jetlag in a few days. In the mean time, like jetlag, I just need to work around it so I can get important things done. Being on the road creates a tremendous backlog of todos.

Well, time to get to it.


~ by ghendar on January 14, 2009.