WARNING: Contents May Have Shifted…

For the first time in days I slept past dawn instead of waking up an hour or three before it. Which is a great feeling because as most of you know, saying that I’m not a morning person is a tremendous understatement.

The game plan for today in no particular order is to:

  • Empty out the KJ and sort through the items
  • Setup the bed (which is taking up valuable space in both the office and garage)
  • Begin setting up the office, before it become a junk room from lack of attention
  • Make some coffee
  • Go through a stack of resumes we printed while at the Hyatt and initially review 30+ new ones that are in my email inbox
  • Shop for a Washer/Dryer
  • Set up a new bank account (my current one isn’t out here)
  • Finish setting up one of the two servers that are staring me in the face
  • Post a few more things here (as time permits) that I made note of but lacked the time to get to while on the road
  • Sweep the deck
  • Make some more coffee
  • Settle some of the bills
  • Finish setting up the new ticketing system
  • Sort through my photographs, edit a few and figure out why I was having trouble posting them here and hopefully post a few
  • Do all of the other stuff that’s missing from this list 😉

I suddenly have the urge to go back on the road to put all this off 😉


~ by ghendar on January 14, 2009.