Don’t Touch That Dial!

I’m still missing a chunk of the North Coast, on my trip. It just made sense to me, once the sun went down the other day, to head over and take the 101 for the last stretch since I was so close to home, but the North Coast  is what I really love. It’s also good that I emptied the KJ, because the North Coast has wicked mad hills and turns… one of the many reason I love it so.

I managed to wrap up LA to  SF in record time because honestly, none of it holds a candle to the North Bay. Not to mention the fact that there’s an overabundance of houses hogging the shoreline in spots and the stops are limited in comparison.

So I’m going to do a day trip for the area between SF and Bodega and then another one between Bodega and points North (we’ll see how far I get). I’d like to do them both this weekend, but I’m thinking that with my todo list backed up and continuing to pile up higher like it is, it would probably make sense to split them over two weekends.

There are actually several areas in this range of coast that I’ve been to before and that I could easily spend days at (for each!) and since they are close enough, I probably will when I can. But I certainly feel like I’m missing an important chunk of CA-1 for my trip (especially since I know what’s there).

Once things settle and the clients have a normal break where I’m not taking advantage of it by scheduling down time, I’m hoping to head from Bodega all the way up through the Oregon Coast on the Coastal Highway.


~ by ghendar on January 16, 2009.