Plugging Away

I finished up one of the two servers (the MS one) that have been glaring at me since I pulled in and got the other one networking (the Linux one) with the replacement card the OEM shipped out. We have a meeting with the client tomorrow and I’ll bring the completed one along, so hopefully there will be time to mount it in the rack.

We also have a meet and greet first thing in the morning with a new client that contacted us while we were looking for another tech. (Speaking of which… we’ve managed to narrow the list down considerably and are going to start lining up interviews.)

There still isn’t any sign of the new stationary I designed the other day, but I’m not expecting it until at least the middle next week (I’m just anxious to see whether the colors seperation mangled it or not).

All in all, I’m settling in to the day-to-day as I continue to chip away at the backlog and now that I also have my leased server up and am almost done setting up the ticketing system… things should really start going at a clip.


~ by ghendar on January 23, 2009.