Talking Is Easy, Saying Something Is Hard

I started this blog to keep a plethora of people (ok, maybe not that many) abreast of some if the finer details of my cross country road trip and move. To that end, it was largely a success even though I really wish it had lasted just a little longer and that I had stopped more often to reflect and write.

Yet, once the drama of my being on the road was over, the page views subsequently dropped by a considerable amount. Of course, that could just be because people aren’t hitting it multiple times per day. That all depends on how WordPress counts the views. Anyway, to those of you who are still hanging in there, I thank you.

You’ve no doubt noticed that now that the drive portion of my move is over, I’m focusing more on the mundane, get the junk out of boxes type stuff. Since such things don’t always make for very colorful commentary, even though they are technically move related, I’ve posted here a little less often, but hopefully I have still managed to infuse them with at least some qualitative value. The posts have also scaled back in frequency because there is more on to do list now than when I had an open ended day to just drive from A to B (with A being where I was in the morning and B being wherever I ended up later that night when I got tired if driving).

Looking forward, I plan on continuing to post updates when I can, but I can’t make any promises as to how often I’ll do so or how good they’ll be. (Sometimes there might be a flood, other times a drought.)

Also, since this is a personal blog, I’m going to keep a relaxed feel to it and don’t plan on focusing on any one particular thing. Which means that, like my daily life, over time it will transition in overall subject matter as I grapple with being a transplant and deal with the day to day. At the same time, each individual post will be fairly specific, (I’ll do what I can to try to avoid posting a bunch of unrelated stuff together at once.)  but where on the list of categories each will be will ebb and flow like the tide.

As a bonus, I’m going to also focus on the issue that has prevented me from posting photographs that I didn’t have the time (or connectivity) to resolve while on the road. So hopefully you can expect a better balance between the visual and cerebral going forward.


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  1. Photos. Gis us moar photos. With cats and captions and stuff.

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