Testing My RT VPS

I’m leasing a virtual private server (VPS) in the cloud and have a bunch of things installed on it. Foremost among them is Apache, mySQL and Postfix to provide the back end daemons for Request Tracker (RT).

All the ducks are lined up in a row and initial testing went very well, so it’s now time to put it to a sink or swim test.

The first order of business is to alpha test it by using it for just internal company tasks over the course of the next week. That way if the database goes bye-bye as I tinker with the last few things that I need actual data to do, like testing the backups, it will be less painful and won’t impact any clients.

Assuming that it behaves like it should and that the permissions and queue structure that I designed allows people to do what they need to do and see what they need to see, (but not what they shouldn’t!), I’ll be inviting two of our smaller clients in to beta test it with us.

If the additional load we get from them doesn’t make the server fall on it’s face or otherwise indicate that I need to upgrade my VPS level sooner than planned  (Ive been doing the R&D on the cheap), I expect to roll it out to for everyone and have it handling all of our support tasks for all of our clients by the end if the month.

It’s an exciting thing to finally get to this stage. I’ve been wanting this system going for what seems like ages (and which the Better 3/4ths will report has, in fact, been ages) and it’s great that it’s all finally coming together.

The next R&D project that I want to get started on is Nagios… but I’ll definately have to upgrade my server plan for that! It will also be a little while before I can get to it because I’m expecting to be busy doing some extra tweaking to the RT system as we get feedback from our clients on it.


~ by ghendar on January 31, 2009.