I switched from Kubuntu to sidux on my laptop last week. I just couldn’t get any work done in KDE4.2 RC.

sidux is a fairly new distribution, having only come out a year ago. What separates it from the pack is that it is basically a vanilla version of Debian Sid with a few tweaks/fixes made to keep the end user’s sanity.

I should clarify that a bit… you see, Sid is the name of Debian’s development branch, appropriately named after the kid in Toy Story who breaks all of the toys. Since it’s considered so unstable because things often break while under development, even Debian doesn’t give users an option to install Sid directly. You have to install stable or testing first and then “upgrade” to Sid. In other words, there’s no way to run Sid by accident.

Yet for all the warnings about Sid’s “run it if you dare” bad voodoo, or perhaps this is just kudos to the sidux team, so far my installation seems solid.

Granted, it could be that it is just more stable than what I was used to when I was suffering with KDE4, which is one of the main reasons for this change (though not the only one), but I don’t think I’ve seen anything in sidux that I would classify as a bug yet.

Fortunately, there hasn’t been any show-stoppers as far as setup is concerned either and I’ve only had to tweak a few minor things. For example, the extra multimedia keys for the laptop didn’t work out if the box until I set X to the correct keyboard.

Wireless setup did require me to enable the non-free repository and connect through the Ethernet card to download the proprietary firmware. But it was a breeze compared to the back-flips I had to do back in the day.

The base install gave me KDE 3.5.10 but right now I’m swapping between that and using e17. It also gave me the latest kernel (2.6.28-2) and while I’m not sure yet exactly what tweaks they made to it, the boot time is quick.

All in all, I’m a happy camper. Once I find the time to tweak it more to my liking I don’t think I’ll be going back to a point release distribution any time soon.

(Ironically, they released the official KDE 4.2 version a day or two after I switched. But to be totally honest, there were so many bugs in the 4.2 release candidate that there’s no way they could have fixed them all, That and they’ve already wasted enough of my time, I’m not about to waste more.)


~ by ghendar on February 1, 2009.