Time To Do Some Archiving

It’s amazing how much data we generate and collect these days compared to just a few years ago.

I was looking at the current state of my laptop and noticed that I’m quickly running out of space on my /home partition. Which is not hard for me to do because when I’m taking photographs, every time I press the shutter the raw file eats another ~5MB of space.

I’ve been pretty consistent in moving any ISO images that I want to keep of the various Linux distributions I work with over to other media. At 700-1500MB a pop, I definitely would have ran out of space months ago.

Now I need to go through and start moving stuff that I don’t need more immediate access to over to the USB drive.

Eventually, I have two goals. The first is to go through and do some organization of all my photos and to split it up into three parts:
Working/Master files and their raw counterparts
Raw files to be processed
Raw files to keep, but are not planned for use

In the process of going through them, there will be a bunch that get jettisoned on technical grounds (out of focus etc) which will also free up some space. Then I can keep the image files that I have no immediate plans for in storage off my system.

Which brings me to my second goal, which is to finally build a fileserver with RAID and scheduled backups. It would great to just have a ton of secure, redundant space on the local network. *sigh* someday…


~ by ghendar on February 9, 2009.