Disk Fragmentation, Another Reason To Hate MS

I finally got around to defragmenting my NTFS formatted USB hard drive. Boy did it look ugly.

The morons who designed the NTFS file system should have stayed in school longer or at least have read the specs for all of the other file systems that already existed that don’t have fragmentation problems. Both NTFS and FAT are inherently flawed with such poor design decisions and it’s dumbfounding that Microsoft insists on continuing to use them.

The really sad thing is that Windows users are so used to their computer slowing down with normal use due to this and other mistakes made by Microsoft that they think it’s normal. Well it’s not. *sigh*

Right now, the only reason why I’m leaving it as NTFS is so I can use it to also interface with random, client owned, Windows systems that need the Microsoft Patches that I have stored on it. Some time in the near future I’m getting a bigger USB drive and that one will be using EXT3 (or perhaps EXT4 if I feel it’s ready by then).


~ by ghendar on February 12, 2009.