Happy 1234567890 Day!!!

Alright, I know I’m completely geeking out on everyone, but today just so happens to be the day that the UNIX Epoch reaches 1234567890. That’s right, on Fri Feb 13 15:31:30 2009 (Pacific… still trying to get used to that), UNIX officially  turns 1234567890 seconds old.

If you have perl installed, you can find out when it occurs for you by running:

perl -le ‘print scalar localtime(1234567890)’

Or python:

python -c ‘import time;print(time.asctime(time.localtime(1234567890)))’

Or even ruby:

ruby -e ‘puts Time.at(1234567890)’

Of course, you might not think that it’s a that big deal, but there are some out there who are planning to party!


~ by ghendar on February 13, 2009.