Fresh Cut Flowers

Over the past few years I’ve had a foot on each coast and have crossed the country more times than I can honestly remember. Yet while the individual trips themselves are somewhat blurred together, specific events remain clear in my mind.

One such recollection that I have is of a beautiful Sonoma summer day when I was enjoying a fine glass of wine (A Claudia Springs Zinfandel to be specific) on the deck while the Better 3/4ths was doing some gardening. At some point, she appeared with what I can only describe as a miniature sake decanter that held a small white flower that she had taken from the garden which she placed onto the table next to me. It was a small loving gesture, just one of the many ways she continues to brighten up and beautify my life, and one that she would repeat again and again throughout the remainder of that trip, as well as the many that followed; and as each bloom began to fade, she would replace it with a different one.

However, it was that first fresh cut flower that made me truly realize that home is just a construct and that there really is no place like it. (How’s that for a feat of logic?!) It was also, now that I reflect back, the very moment that I mentally moved west.

So while there were delays of circumstance that prevented my physical move on several occasions, make no mistake, I left Boston long ago. There were many times when I was physically on the East coast, but would close my eyes and find myself back on that deck enjoying a glass of fine wine accompanied by a fresh cut flower. It was in those moments that the thousands of miles would just melt away and her absence from me wouldn’t feel so distant because it felt like she was just around the corner tending to her garden.

I don’t expect everyone to fully understand our deep connection, especially those who doubted. To be honest, sometimes it even amazes me. I’m just glad that we are finally reunited and that the loving gestures of flowers are back in my daily life.


~ by ghendar on February 14, 2009.

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