TED Talks

If you haven’t watched any of the TED Talks yet, I highly recommend that you go get inspired.

I’m just starting to watch the ones that were recently released, so I haven’t seen the Bill Gates one that he did this year yet, (the one that the media was exaggerating that he released a “swarm of mosquitoes” on the crowd). Last night I watched an interesting one by Dan Gilbert. I also just had to watch Jennifer Lin do her beautiful improv again (She asks for a volunteer at 16:24 minutes in if you want to skip right to it. I won’t spoil the surprise, but she was shocked by who volunteered.).

Of course, if you need my top three (so far!) as a guide, they would be,  Yochai Benkler and Larry Lessig (that presentation was amazingly insightful!) and Dave Eggers as he makes his TED Prize wish… very inspiring,  original and funny. His was one of the first ones that I saw and it hooked me into watching more as time went on. I used to have them scheduled to download in Miro, but more recently I’ve been grabbing them as a podcast feed on my iPhone. So I can have a few 10 or 20 minute clips handy for those moments when… well… they’re handy 😉


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