Another Task Completed

I put the bed together yesterday while The Better 3/4ths was out and about. The only real hard part was getting the foot board part in from the garage because there isn’t anything to hold onto… literally, it’s two posts connected by a board that runs along the floor… here’s an ascii art representation…  |_|

The wood held up very well. By oiling it and then wrapping it in carpet padding, it withstood the cross country trip and several years of sitting in a garage while the cats occasionally used the padding as a scratching post.

In fact, there are a few spots where the wood had a few large cracks from shrinkage when we were in Boston that have mostly closed back up. (Which I should propably treat again) So if anything, it’s better than it was when I packed it.

With the bed no longer in pieces and spread about, there’s more room in both the garage and the office which means I can finally sort through my stuff and get those boxes out of the living room.


~ by ghendar on February 20, 2009.