The Better 3/4th made a fabulous spanakopita last night. Yummm.

If the spinach that she planted in a flower box takes off, I’m definitely hoping for a repeat using some home grown greens. Too bad we’re currently limited to only a few square feet of flower box soil, because after that scrumptious pie, I was ready to go out and buy a tractor so I could till the land for a massive vegetable garden.

If it isn’t already obvious, I’ve been enjoying the fruits of some hand me down food porn (TRANSLATION: A friend gave her a bunch of old cooking magazines) for the past couple of weeks. I think she’s only on the second or third magazine too, so there won’t be a shortage of wonderous new gastronomous delights around here in the near future. 😉


~ by ghendar on February 21, 2009.