I Need A New DVD Drive

The drive that I have in my laptop is acting up… ejecting disks when it shouldn’t, popping open often when I physically move the system and even opening up of it’s own accord when it’s just sitting there and I’m not even touching it. Very annoying.

Between that and my current hard drive space crunch, I need to evaluate what the best plan is now.

It’s always something…


~ by ghendar on February 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Need A New DVD Drive”

  1. Some people will think of any excuse to justify getting a new laptop. Just get one, we understand.

    • I was thinking about it, but I’m also considering just getting a desktop since I’m a little less mobile now. Unfortunately, both options cost money and I need to replenish the coffers a bit while still frittering a bunch away on silly luxuries like rent and food.

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