New Client

We got recommended to a new client again by the county the other day. They had a server die late in the middle of the night and their only tech person has been their janitor/teacher aide who readily admits is in way over his head. Since the server is their Primary Domain Controller and also hosts two integral databases they needed some fast help.

Sadly, the server is quite dead and requires a rebuild. However considering the age of it (it’s one of their newer ones running Windows 2000 Server. Believe it or not, I was told they have an NT4 server in another building), they’re better off using this halt to move to some better iron. In the mean time, we setup a workstation which will host the one of the DBs in the interim. Now I just have to get some quotes together so they know what they’re looking at.

While I was dealing with that, I was juggling acquiring two large network printers and confirming POs for another client.

Busy is good.


~ by ghendar on February 27, 2009.