e17 + Compiz == Diabeties Inducing Eye-Candy

There’s a distribution called elive which focuses on providing an enlightenment desktop. While I’m not especially crazy about the fact that it’s (a) primarily a one developer show and (b) he forces everyone to pay him money up front for the stable version of his distro (not that I fault him for it, I just know there are better options available for me), he does do some amazingly good work.

It seems he is now the first one to shoehorn e17 and Compiz together and you can download and try it. Since e is a Window Manager (WM) and Compiz is also a WM it’s been an either or choice up until now. I can’t wait for this to be picked up by others distributions, because this is exactly what I want in a desktop and it would be nive to get more developers and eyes on it.


~ by ghendar on March 1, 2009.