I’ve had a Skype account for some time now and I was intending on paying for a Skype online number at some point. That way I could have an extra number so people could call me from either coast without incurring a long distance fee.

At the same time, I want to also use it to call out with so I can spare some of my precious minutes when I’m just gabbing out of plan. This is especially important since the time zones are now conspiring against me these days.

My only problem was that the call quality just wasn’t there (/understatement) with the few third party apps that supported Skype voice on my phone, which basically meant calling out through them wasn’t a good option. (I heard it has something to do with third parties having to compress and convert the voice data in order to inject it to Skype via Skype’s API.)

I have also had the “Official” Linux client on my laptop for some time, but I never did get around to picking up a headset, so any calls that I would have tried to make would have required me to use the internal microphone, which would have meant lots of annoying fan noise and for the person on the other end.

At any rate, there is now an “Official” Skype app for the iPhone and the quality appears to be decent enough. So if any of you have a Skype account, drop me an email. I won’t post my account info here and I recommend that you don’t either.

In the mean time, I decided to implement at least half of my plan and started a subscription so I can now “Skype-out” to regular phones. I did experience a little bit of a lag in the audio during some initial tests calling out to regular phones, but that could just be because they are a little overloaded right now since the app has been downloaded over a million times already. Granted, it probably just seemed more appearent to me because I was in the same room with the person that I was speaking to. 😉

As far as the other half of my plan goes… for the moment I’m holding off on getting the online number. They don’t have any in the CA area code that I need and it doesn’t make sense for me to grab a Boston one until my cell contract expires (or is at least a bit closer to expiring) and I switch it over to a CA number.


~ by ghendar on April 3, 2009.