Yarrr Matey

Now that BSG (that’s Battle Star Gallactica for those people who frakking* missed out) is over with, the only show I’ve been catching with any sort of consistency has been Chuck. Granted, it’s an empty shell of a show in comparison to the depth and breadth that was BSG, but I can’t help but love the geek references/jokes. Not to mention it also has Adam Baldwin, reprising his “love of guns” style role, similar to what he had when he was on Firefly… which was really just a rehash of his role as “Animal Mother” in Full Metal Jacket… but anyways…

As a matter of convenience, I had been using an RSS feed in Miro to download a bit torrent of the episodes, but doing that meant that the media companies were labeling me as a “Pirate” even though I actually do have the station that carries it as well.

I won’t even bother to go into how stupid it is for the media to be using the word “Pirate” in this way. But then again, we’re talking about the same people who misuse the term “Hacker” because it sounds cooler and more sensational.

So in the interest of mending my woeful ways I decided to just time shift the show by recording it in Microsoft’s Media Center on the Better 3/4ths computer (I don’t run Windows on my own machine, as you probably already know). I’ve actually done this for a couple of episodes without incident, yet when I got three quarters of the way through watching the show the other night (_AFTER_ the advertising block played, I might add) Microsoft’s Media Center presented me with a blue screen (does MS know of any other color?) kindly informing me that the broadcaster had restricted the content and I couldn’t watch the remainder of it.

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Seriously… how stupid do these people have to be? They don’t want you to download their shows, but they won’t let you record it on your own so you can view later when your schedule allows. Do they want us to watch them or not? Because the last time I checked, the ratings were based on how many people actually watched the show and not on how many would have liked to if only they had been home according to someone else’s arbitrary schedule.

So the choice for consumers is basically:

  • Watch shows with all their ads when Big Media says says we should
  • Don’t get to watch the show because we have better things to do, like make a living
  • Maybe get to watch the show with all the ads if Big Media happen to be in the mood to let us
  • Definitely get to watch the show whenever we want and without any ads

Hmmm…. such a tough choice.

*You’d have to catch the show to get the “frakking” reference!

[EDIT: Rumor has it, if you run Myth TV in Linux and not Media Center in Windows, you won’t have this issue because it ignores that stupid broadcast flag.]


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  1. My poor boy, when will you learn to just do a Linux work around and stay away from MS. You know MS only makes you frustrated, angry and hurt.

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