GnuPG + Thunderbird + Enigmail == Privacy

[NOTE: Perhaps this is just bleed through from all my years as a regional security manager, but when it comes to securing information… I just can’t help myself.]

Your email communications are not secure. When you send an email it’s basically the equivalent of sending a postcard that every Postmaster of every MTA (email server) it passes through can read at will. When you add onto that the exponential increase in government snooping via their warrant-less wiretaps, where they’ve tapped into the Internet’s backbone and are archiving every message for analysis, you have to wonder when you are going to get sued or thrown in jail for something you said that, at the time that you said it, you thought was private.

You probably think that would never happen… after all, you are a law abiding citizen. But if the government is willing to tromp all over their very own laws, like violating such silly little things like the 1st Amendment and the 4th Amendment, do you really think you have a snowballs chance if you say or do something that doesn’t conform? After all, while you have to follow all of the laws that they make, they can break them at will and then give themselves and anyone that helped them out Ex Post Facto immunity (Which isn’t just limited to the Bush Administration, but is also something that the Obama Administration also, sadly,  supports). And if they can do that, what’s to stop them from making something you say or do Ex Post Facto illegal?

Since I deal with sensitive client information, I’ve taken to offering a secure means of communicating with me via GnuPG. If you happen to use Thunderbird, it’s not really that hard to setup and use either. And if you haven’t already, I strongly urge you to do so.

Once you do, drop me a line with your new public key. You can grab mine from the keyservers or I can send it to you as well. Remember, it’s not about hiding something, it’s about protecting your right to free speech and right to not be subject to unreasonable searches and seizures.


~ by ghendar on April 15, 2009.