There’s An Old IT Saying

There’s an old IT saying that goes along the lines of a user “knowing just enough to be dangerous”.

Well it seems that I just crossed that line myself when I got it into my head in the middle of the night that it would be a good idea to install support on my system for inputting Japanese.

Chalk it up to one too many margarittas coupled with an over-exhuberance of some very nascient newfound knowledge, but at least I knew enough to pull my ass out of the fire in fairly short order. But that wasn’t until I gave myself a good scare for a moment or two.

It turns out that the automated process that I used to get the input system (SCIM) going did a little too good of a job and it actually added jp as an additional system locale. In other words, to make a long story short, the resultung effect was that around 75% of the text on my system got converted over to Japanese!


Why would I do such a silly thing? I was simply tired of only having my iPhone to use to type Japanese with as I try to learn enough to decipher those woodblock prints. (See my last post)

The happy ending to the story is that in only a few minutes I succeeded in my goal and can now Ctrl+Space my way to Japanese* at will. Cool eh?

Anyways, it’s late, so I’m off to bed.


*(via Romaji…. I know; it’s a crutch, but my laptop doesn’t have a Japanese keyboard.)


~ by ghendar on April 24, 2009.