I’m writing this post as I’m settling into a semi-comfy Airbus A320 seat, but I’m not going to post it until a little later on tomorrow (Saturday) after this Redeye lands in Boston so I don’t give myself away.

You heard that right, I’m back in Boston… well, just for the weekend anyways. There’s a coed baby shower being thrown for my brother and his other half that I’m headed to Saturday afternoon in Concord, MA.

What, you thought that this nice weather got here by itself?! Nah. I brought it with me.

I’ll probably be too wiped out from my flight and the shower to do much later on in the evening, but I plan on making the rounds visiting on Sunday so clear a spot in your schedule and give me a ring if you can.

I can’t stay long and am actually going to be flying back on Monday afternoon. So it’s a really, really short trip considering Sunday is the only day where I’m not actually flying.

Anyways, I hope I get the chance to see everyone, but if we happen to miss each other on this round, I’m hoping to be back in late July or so for a more extended stay.


~ by ghendar on April 25, 2009.