Fuel Costs

I finally got around to tallying up my fuel costs for the road trip out here. Two of my receipts were illegible, so I just assigned them to be the average of all of the others (close enough for rocket science).

  • Total Trip: 3974.0 miles
  • Total Fuel: 195.755 Gallons
  • Total Cost: $353.19
  • Avg Cost: $1.821/Gal
  • Avg Fill: 11.515 Gal/Stop (I played it safe by staying >1/4 tank as best I could)
  • Avg Fill Cost: $20.78
  • MPG: 20.301 Mile/Gal

A rough estimate of what the fuel cost would be to do the same route at the current national Avg of $2.309/Gal is $452.00 (actually $904.00, since it would be a round trip this time). Of course, I’d be taking a shorter route, that’s about ~1000-1500 miles less per direction, but that would be offset by extensive use of the A/C.

Other interesting factoids:

  • Driving Days: 11
  • Avg DD Miles: 361.3/day
  • Avg DD Drive Time: 6.57 hours/day (based on 55 mph, though in some areas the limit was 70 and while in the blizzard through the Rockies I was doing 1-10 mph in spots).

[NOTE: The comparably short jaunts from Taos to Sante Fe and then Santa Fe to Albuquerque kind of screw up those numbers a bit since those would have been combined into either of the other legs if they hadn’t been destinations in and of themselves. So it’s really more like 442 miles/day traveled and 8 hours/day driving when you discount those.]


~ by ghendar on May 18, 2009.