iPhone OS 3.0

Apple came out with the new version of their iPhone last week, the iPhone 3GS, and they simultaneously released the update to the OS for all existing iPhone/iTouch users (it’s now at version 3.0, up from 2.2.1).

I finally got around to installing it over the weekend and I have to say, it has definitely made my phone much more responsive. It’s still not quite as fast as their faked commercials, but still, there’s definitely a noticeable improvement.

I haven’t really tried the cut and paste feature out yet, (perhaps because I’m not used to it being there), in fact there are a bunch of new things that came packaged with the FW 3.0 update that I haven’t tried yet, so I won’t comment on specific changes right now.

As far as jailbreaking goes, it’s going to take the iPhone-dev team and the non-blessed (non-blessed by Apple that is) third party application developers a little while to work out some bugs because FW 3.0 incorporates some major changes in the underlying OS structure. Though the bugs really have less to do with the jailbreak from the iPhone-dev team and more to do with the 3rd party apps themselves. It appears as though some of them simply just haven’t been updated to account for the major platform change yet.

One update that I’m waiting for in particular is Backrounder, which is a must have in my book because it allows users to run applications in the background.


~ by ghendar on June 23, 2009.