Down to One Vehicle

The Better 3/4ths’ car broke down pn Saturday and it is at the shop awaiting attention so we are now down to one vehicle at the moment. It has something to do with the transmission suddenly not allowing her to shift gears while the car was running. Not good.

[EDIT: turns out a spring in the clutch assembly broke and although it’s only a month out of warranty the manufacturer agreed to cover it. In addition the mechanic who originally put it in (and who is also doing this repair) is picking up some of the time involved. Nice guys! I think I just found my own mechanic out here.]

She’s been leaning towards getting another car lately, so the timing on the breakdown is particularly inconvenient. But then again, when is having your car break down ever a convinient thing?

She’ll be away on an out of state trip in a few days, so it looks like I won’t be making any specific plans of my own until she returns and things get sorted.

In the interim, I think I’ll see about a few small projects that I had requested budgeting on for the summer break.


~ by ghendar on July 14, 2009.