Google Voice

Google was kind enough to send me an invite for a Google Voice account so my problem of having a local number out here while still keeping my Boston cell number (until the contract expires) has been solved and at absolutely no cost to me.

I got to choose my number from a bunch and I managed to snag a pretty cool one out of the Sebastopol exchange. I’ll email it out some time over the weekend.

Once my cell contract expires I’ll have to decide if I want to flip it in the opposite direction by getting a Boston number, but I have the feeling that I’ll be keeping this one as my primary number out here. In the worst case scenario, I might end up only having numbers out here, but I can always call back anyone who wants to chat at no cost (I can make GV calls for free to anywhere in the US after all).

I have the sudden urge to drive over there and give their engineers a hug. Especially since some of the features are eight flavors of awesome.


~ by ghendar on July 18, 2009.