School Week

All of our school clients started classes this past week. Which means that we’ve been cranking out double time.

I don’t ever remember going to school this early in August when I was growing up. But then again, my school days are not something that I waste brain cells remembering.

I have two servers to retire, four others to baby because the prior admin was in over his head, another one to bare metal build and yet another one to rebuild. The remaining half dozen to a dozen are merely getting end of summer health checks and patches.

Speaking of builds; we got a new batch of PCs from the county and need to clone and roll those out at a school that is still largely running Windows 2000 on a bunch of Pentium II and Pentium III white elephants. (Sadly, it’s not the only school that is in this position right now either.)

We also are continuing to deal with the fallout from the county moving their email hosting to some horrible service provider. A provider who, it recently came to light, was the low bidder. (Color me surprised!)

At the moment just about everyone is clammoring for an alternative so I’m scrambling to pull off a double switch and in essence, am about to be leading the charge in a mutiny of sorts.

If you throw in the fact that a week ago I spent the greater part of two days resolving a network outage while still juggling calls, you’ll start to get the idea that we are definately smack in the middle of our busiest time. A good comparison would be how busy CPAs are during tax season.

I also have been continuing to hack away, tweaking and testing our new ticketing system and knowledge base that we are now using. So far it’s been quite useful and I think it’s going to be even more so as time goes on. But I’ll save why I believe that is for dedicated post.

Anyways, all in all, just your average good times. At least you now know why I haven’t been calling around as much lately.


~ by ghendar on August 22, 2009.