In Spite Of It

There was a recent update to Karmic Alpha 5 that included the packages libc6 and libc6-i686 that sadly introduced a serious bug that caused the NVIDIA driver to segfault (crash) early in the boot process. This bug prevents users from getting to their desktop and because of when the bug happens, instead of the usual crash out of X where they’d at least get to see a terminal prompt, they would end up staring at a blank screen with no obvious way on how to get to a terminal since the Xserver was keeping tight hold of the keyboard and CTRL+ALT+F1 wouldn’t work.

It’s just another example of the joy one gets when they are on an Alpha development release and why I implore people not to use it themselves in a production environment. Stuff is going to break… often…  suddenly… and badly.

However, I’m used to being on this side of the knife edge so it doesn’t bother me so much. If I were really that concerned over it, I’d be using the nice stable Jaunty or still be back on Debian for that matter.

In fact, if I take away all the issues I have that are specific to the system and/or the development of it, the only general gripe I currently have is I’d like more depth of features and some additional configurability. Both of which are something that time will mostly cure. Other than that, it’s kind of growing on me.



~ by ghendar on September 13, 2009.