Remote Support

I’m still hacking away at getting remote support setup. The idea is to have it so that someone who needs assistance can click a link, either on a web lage or sent via email, and they they then run a little program that will give me access to their desktop temporarily.

My current stumbling blocks are that the solution I’m looking at doesn’t have the server portion available for Linux (which is what I’m running on my VPS) and I’m not especially clear on whether it will work on Linux desktops or not either (Yet I can’t test that part until I at least get it up and running server side).

I have the client software pretty much ready to go though, so as soon as I have time to play with it some more, I’ll try to hack a solution on the server side and I hope to at least be able to offer it to those running Windows shortly thereafter.



~ by ghendar on September 15, 2009.