Meeting (Cont.)

So it seems that the school in question, that I mentioned in my last post, is still experiencing some rough and troubled waters. As it turns out, instead if implimenting all of our past recommendations, which were designed as an inter-related plan, they chose to cherry pick a few and left the rest alone.

To make a car analogy… they originally came to us because their car was pulling to one side and making a bunch of noise. We gave them the plans to fix it, but in only doing a few of the things they needed to do, it’s now lurching and the wheel is about to fall off. Things changed, but not necessarily for the better and it’s obvious that there is still something seriously broken.

By calling us in again, I think they have realized that they need more than just a set of instructions, an encouraging pat on the back and their own self guidance to make any kind of headway. They’re neither equipped nor capable of meeting the challenges they are facing in their current state. Especially since their internal politicing is one giant Gordian knot that has everything and everyone bound up. (Did I mention it’s a private Catholic school?)

We still have to hash out all of the details, but it’s looking like I’ll get to put my manager/director hat back on for awhile as I take a more hands on approach in order to put their IT department back on track.

Good thing I enjoy a challenge.


~ by ghendar on September 30, 2009.