Test Subject No. 1

We have a “spare” desktop that we primarily use as a system for guests and as a burning station when we don’t want to create coasters of costly media because we did something silly like actually use the computer while creating a disk and caused a buffer underrun as a result. (Not to mention, my laptop’s optical drive is acting all wonky and needs to be replaced) The system dual boots XP and Debian (w/KDE 3.5) at the moment. But Debian is not friendly enough for the Better 3/4ths tastes.

I figure one of the better tests I could do for finding out how ready KDE 4.3 is for the desktop is to load it on this system and let the Better 3/4ths have at it. So my plan for today is to blast that system over as soon as I burn the ISO of the latest release of Karmic on it.

Besides, it will be a nice break from programming a Google Apps Provisioning application that I’m doing as a prototype/proof of concept.

[EDIT: I installed Karmic on it and it seems to be running well. Karmic is now in Beta and is scheduled for official release at the end of the month.]


~ by ghendar on October 3, 2009.