Got VM?

The drawback to having an iPhone is that it doesn’t play well with anything but the horrid excuse for an application called iTunes. It also just so happens that iTunes only plays well in OSX or Windows and since I use Linux, that means I need to keep a virtual machine of XP lying aroud.

Since I’m on a development line, my VM has been non-operative for the past month or so due to a bug, which means I’ve had no chance to go into Windows. (A blessing in disuise really.)

Now it seems the bug has finally been fixed and I can actually use my mouse in the VM again. So I’ll finally get to sync my latest changes to my song ratings and upload a few more tunes.

Rumor has it MediaMonkey can play nice with the iPhone 3g, so I’m going to have to put my list of things to check out. If it does, and they have either a Linux version or it plays nice with Wine I will be ecstatic.

Of course, I’ll still keep the VM of XP around even if it does. It’s handy to be able to peek into the other world for things every now and again.


~ by ghendar on October 12, 2009.