Where’s The Pause Button?

Amazing… it’s almost November!

The months have certainly just been flying by and no wonder, I’ve just been grinding away so much that the days just blend together.

At the moment I just finished getting my VPS setup to host git repositories. I’m real close to switching our domain over to Google Apps. I have a test Icinga (a fork of the network moitoring program Nagios) installation up and running. I’m doing some final testing on changes I made to my ticket system and will soon be able to give Principals a view into the activities at their school and Superintendents a view of the activities for their whole district. My remote support solution just needs a few more tweaks and will be done. And I’m lining up a job to install one, possibly two, massive Linux servers for a local High School for a project that I was recommended for by the county. Which is on top of another server that I’m hoping to build at one of our regular clients.

Coming up soon is some hosting consolidation, where I’ll be moving our website and DNS over to my VPS as well so we can shave some expenses and gain some greater flexibility at the same time.

So if you throw in all of my usual running around putting out fires you can see what I mean by grinding away.

The good news is at this rate, it will be no time until December and I have some plans for that month that it seems I’ve been waiting forever for.


~ by ghendar on October 29, 2009.