Waiting Game

I submitted a proposal the other day for a new Linux server for a hopefully new client that the county so kindly referred to me. So now it’s my turn to wait.

Since they are in the heart of Sonoma, they’re a little bit out of the way as far as an everyday drive goes. However, they’re so large that I could easily see this project leading us to providing a supporting role in some other areas moving forward.

Of course, that assumes that my techno-babble doesn’t make them go screaming for the hills and the project gets the green light.

I put a lot if effort into getting their approval on this because this project would be a real boost for us strategically. Not to mention the short term financial plus side if it.

It would also be a nice feather in my cap as it is 100% driven by me and it would be a good milestone to finally pull a client on board without the Better 3/4ths needing to directly involve herself.

And so I wait….


~ by ghendar on November 14, 2009.