New Desk

Let’s do a third post just to make all of you lax people who never check in regularly extra jealous and to up the ante a little bit, I’ll even do a picture.

The Better 3/4ths got tired of my maximizing and bought a desk for me to use in the office. Yay, no more working off the bed!

It’s quite large and I’m absolutely loving how much having it has increased my ability to focus on tasks without interruption. I guess a guy behind a desk in the other room is infinitely less available than one who is in the same room with his feet kicked up on the bed. The end result being a nice healthy boost to my overall productivity. (Perhaps that explains the three posts! 😉 )

We picked it up over in Napa from a nice English gent and I initially had the top strapped to the roof of the KJ. Unfortunately, it ended up a wee bit too much for the clamps of basket rack that are attached to the rails and all of the torque created by either the weight or the wind sheer or a combination of the two caused the basket to shift back about 6 inches on the driver side as we were going through the hills between Napa and Sonoma. The shift was just enough to make the top spring free of the front strap. But luckily the rear strap held it (albeit barely) and our new investment didn’t get dragged along the road. Although it was dangling fairly precariously of the back of the Jeep for just long enough to give me half a heart attack.

In the end, I ended up wedging it into the back where it just fit and the only visible sign of the occurrence is a little bit of a black marking on the bottom where it hit the spare tire… or I should say, where the spare tire stopped it from smashing into the gate and kept it from falling the rest of the way to the ground. Bah, I say it gives it manly character that the movers we hire next time will be able to appreciate.

Without further adieu, I give you… {drum roll}… the desk…

Sorry for the bad iPhone picture. It’s terrible in the dark, but it also looks like it hates bright direct light too. If I get the change I’ll see about popping off a frame using a real camera.


~ by ghendar on November 22, 2009.