Road Trip Part Deux

Just when everyone thought the fun was over and that the party had ended…

My current plans are to hit the road on a cross-country road trip back to Boston for the holiday. I’m figuring that it will take me 5 days to drive back (maybe 7 if I’m lazy or hole up somewhere for an extra day or two) and I’m looking to start the journey on Dec 10.

A large chunk of our client base here should be back in full swing by Jan 4, so my target date to be back is Jan 3. That means it’s less likely that I’ll be staying in Boston for New Years and will likely spend it on the road… though there is a possibly that I will be with a friend. We’ll have to see.

At any rate, stay tuned for additional posts as I gear up.



~ by ghendar on November 27, 2009.