As tempting as it is to lazy about while on my journey my time will not be completely open ended, so I’ll have to maintain at least some semblance of a schedule. To do that, but still keep some room to allow me to wing it here and there, I’m mapping out a rough road map with a couple of different sets of milestones.

The first would have me on track for an very aggressive 5-day pace, the second is a more realistic 6-day pace. Granted, I still have the option of “stopping often to smell the roses” or perhaps one or two instances of “gee this place is nice, I think I’ll stay here a day” that will make it a 7 or 8 day drive. The drive out will be more flexible for such things than my drive back will since I have a definite day I need to be back by.

[NOTE: In case you’re wondering, the 5-day pace would entail averaging roughly 650 miles or about 10 hours behind the wheel per day.]

Of course, the pins that I’ve plopped down on the map are only rough guides to give me a clearer idea of when I’ll be arriving if I continue at the same pace that brings me in range of them, so the goal isn’t necessarily to reach them at given times, nor do I need to necessarily stop when I do… unless of course, I need to fill the tank. But it being such a vast country with so much to see along the way, it’s far too easy to fall behind if you don’t slice it up into more manageable pieces that you can wrap your head around.

I know what 400 miles in a day is like. I know what 650 miles in a day is like. I even know what ~800-900 miles in a day is like (hint: it’s long!). So by having it mapped out in those terms it makes it much easier for me to figure out where I’m at in terms of time vs. distance.


~ by ghendar on December 5, 2009.