An Eye Towards The Weather

There’s a major west-to-east snowstorm that’s brewing and is expected to hit Monday-Tuesday with the potential to cripple travel on major highways such as I-15, I-70 and I-80.

Southern California is going to get soaked and it will then become heavy snow over some of the high deserts farther east including a possible rare heavy snow covering in Las Vegas!

Things should be clear by the time I leave, but there’s some mumbling going on that this might just be a preview to another storm that is potentially following behind it. Oh Joy!

Well, if it’s going to snow in Vegas, there’s probably no avoiding the white stuff anyways and I’d much rather be driving on the road with people who are used to it than those who aren’t, so I’m not planning on re-routing quite yet.



~ by ghendar on December 6, 2009.