Pondering GPS Tracking Options

The GPS tracking that I did on my trip out from Boston was a popular addition that I’d like to do again.

At the moment I have the option of going with the previous solution or using Google Latitude instead. Interface-wise, Latitude wins hands down, it also finally has the “must have” tracks feature now so I can use the data points later on to map my trip in Google Earth. However unlike what I used before, tracks are not available to the public (or even my friends) so one can only see where I am at a given moment, but on the bonus side of things I have better control over who gets to see it and how much accuracy they each get to see as well… best location or just city level.

I’ll have to do some last minute testing before I decide which method I’ll be using, so stay tuned.



~ by ghendar on December 7, 2009.