Google Latitude

I decided that I’m going to be using Google Latitude to provide the GPS tracking for my trip this time. The worst case scenario would be that I get down the road a ways and then decide that I don’t like it after all and switch back to the service that I had used before. But I highly doubt that is going to happen.

For one, using Latitude instead of the old method allows me to control who I share this information with instread of having it fully public. (Safety first!) The other service completely lacked that ability.

Another really cool thing Latitude has over the old service is that I also get to see current traffic congestion from within the Latitude map and can search for stuff just like I could if I were on Google Maps, because it actually is an extension of Google Maps. That means I won’t have to close the tracking just to open the maps app if I need to find something or wonder if the traffic jam only goes around the corner or is miles deep.

Lastly, Latitude/Google Maps also has much more information and interactivity for those following along.

I’ll be doing my best to invite everyone for both Latitude and Google Talk (so you can chat with me if I’m at a rest stop for example), but if I miss anyone and you happen to want to see where I’m at on the road, drop me an email or post here and I’ll include you in on the fun.



~ by ghendar on December 9, 2009.