Checklist… Check

With the clock striking midnight I’m going down the checklist making sure I haven’t overlooked anything that would be inconvenient to have missed.

I picked up foodstuffs earlier and have gathered together my coffee and most of my other things. Everything has a fresh set of batteries or is in the process of charging up.

For dinner I whipped up my famous Thai inspired Peanut Noodles and packed a bit for the road as well. (It’s great hot or cold!)

So now I just have to gather some clothes together and toss them into the KJ, but I’m a packing pro and it won’t take me more than 15 minutes to do. I mean, it’s not like I’m even going to need to put any thought into how I’m going to fit it onto a plane or anything.

Assuming there isn’t something to suddenly delay me, I’ll be fueling up some time in mid to late morning then I’ll be swinging by the local “Buy More” to pick up the replacement power inverter that I need. After that I’ll officially be on my way. Hard to believe really.

Don’t forget to check out where I’m at on Latitude and if you didn’t get the invite to follow let me know.

[NOTE: I did have an issue with one or two contacts… both of which are on Comcast. So I’ll probably need them to create a Google Account and I’ll invite them using that one instead.]



~ by ghendar on December 10, 2009.