There And Back Again

[NOTE: Despite the title, this is NOT a post that was written by a Hobbit]

On some level, every day is a journey. Whether it’s to work, to the corner store or to some far off exotic location, there’s really is no escaping our daily dose of travel down one path or another in our lives. Even if we were to sit in meditation all day, we would still traverse through time. (Not to mention, for those of you more scientifically inclined, if we account for the rotation of the earth and the earth’s orbit around the sun and the sun’s orbit around the galaxy and the galaxy’s outward movement; even by sitting still, we would still manage to travel quite far physically.)

Yet for all of the distance that we put between where we are in the morning and where we end up in the evening, the truth is, we still end up right here, wherever we are. Of course, that’s how you can perceive it if you choose to only take stock at the end of the day. But the reality is that, in the time between waking and sleeping, during each and every moment, we are always right here. In other words, wherever you go, there you are. We just tend to overlook it most, if not all, of the time.

Near the end of J.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy there is a fictional book titled “There and Back Again” which contains the story of the story written from the perspective of the main characters who lived “the tale” and then wrote about it.

The title may seem simplistic, but it just goes to show how great a writer Tolkien was. His characters journeyed to some far off distant land and then came back again… The End. There’s no need to embellish upon it any further as the entire trilogy has already provided us with the story.

Like Tolkien’s epic tale, our own lives are filled with our own adventures, our own plots, our own cast of characters, our own side stories and our own back stories. At times there is jubilation and celebration and in others we find ourselves knee deep in muck, inching our way through dark places where we’d rather not be.

Granted, the Trolls we encounter are of a different sort than those of fantasy and the only seemingly un-aging Elves that we’ve known of are Dick Clark and perhaps Bob Costas. But if you’ve ever watched Big Fish you’ll know that reality and fantasy are not always so easily separated and you’ll please forgive me for putting a bit of my own spin on it at times.

Anyways, regardless of where we go during our adventures, we will always end up finding ourselves Back Again. And by Back Again, I mean in the present moment, the here and now.

Right now, the current installment of my own epic is taking me into the east on a cross country road trip which begins today and literally at this moment (I queued this up so I could post it from my driveway).

It will be all too soon that I will be driving back and will end up physically here in this very same spot once again after the holidays are over, but each step of the way I’m going to be wherever I go, because that’s where I’ll be. In fact, one of my reasons for this trip is to try to affirm that truth better than I have lately and what better way to do that than to cross the country with a Verizon-esque like mantra… “Am I here and now?… Good!”

Another reason for driving out instead of flying is simply because I need this. There are many who probably view this trip as somewhat silly, outrageous or perhaps even a tad irresponsible given that it’s winter. But I need a reset from my last trip which, as enjoyable as it was, did not provide me with the perspective I sought. And ever since I missed out on the chance for a redo over the summer, I’ve been chomping at the bit to hit the road and the fact that the next opportunity falls in winter does not phase me.

I grew up around snow and have driven through many snowstorms in my day. You know those storms where they say only emergency services should be on the road? As security for a college I was on those roads all the time and I even remember one year when we actually had a snowstorm blow in every weekend like clockwork. (NOTE: Not that I have any plans to be on them in those conditions now. In fact, if a storm comes along I’m just planning on hunkering down for the duration the moment I start to get into the soup.)

Well enough blabbering for now. There will be plenty of time for that in the days to follow. It’s time for me to hit the road…


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  1. You just passed Davis, where my sister in law went to grad school.

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